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Friday Fiction: Summer Swing – Part 7

Published on 16/08/2013, by in Stories.


By Jenna Bright










I think I surprised him so much, I had my mouth on his cock before he even thought to pull my pussy down to his tongue. I ran my lips over the length of him, tasting my own juices from where I’d been rubbing against him. He moaned as I took the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around him, savouring the feel of him against my lips.

But then he seemed to remember what he’d had planned. Suddenly, his grip on my hips tightened, holding my pussy firm against his mouth. He kissed his way over me, making the muscles in my stomach tighten and tense. God, I was so turned on by everything we were doing, I’d come in seconds, I was sure. But if I was going to lose control, I’d sure as hell make sure he did, too.

His tongue flicked against my clit, before running down the whole of my pussy, and I moaned around his cock. He licked into me a few times, each time making me moan harder, louder. Someone would hear us at this rate, even above the racket the seagulls were making.

I didn’t care. Wrapping a hand around his cock, I redoubled my efforts, sinking my mouth over him again and again. But Ry had the same idea. I felt him push himself up to rest on one elbow. Then suddenly his tongue was back on my clit, lapping at it as he pushed first one finger, then two inside me, filling me and making me clench around them. God, I was so close…

Without warning, Ry added another finger and, at the exact same time, sucked hard on my clit. I cried out, my whole body shaking with the strength of my orgasm as I tightened around his hand. Bracing myself against his thighs, I looked back and saw him smiling smugly at me.

Time to get my own back.

Turning to face him again, I motioned towards the condom packet. “Hand me that.”

The heat in his eyes flared again, visible even in the pale moonlight, and the edge of the lamp light from the caravan park, just over the dunes. I took the packet from him, ripped it open, and rolled the condom down over him, my eyes never leaving his. He wanted this, so badly, I could see it.

But I was going to make him wait just a little longer. Until he asked me nicely.

Teasing, I brushed my pussy against the head of his cock, forward and back, never taking more than the tip inside me. Beneath me, Ryan groaned. “You’re killing me here.”

I smirked. “Poor baby. Now, what do we say when we want something?”


“Please what?”

He grabbed my hips again, but made no effort to pull me onto him. Staring straight into my eyes, he said, “Please, please ride me ‘til I come, you incredibly sexy woman.”

“That’ll do it,” I said, sinking onto him. I tried to go slowly, but I was so wet, so desperate to feel him filling me, that I took him into me in one swift movement. Biting my lip, I gave myself a moment to just enjoy the size of him, and then I started to move.

His hands on my hips, Ry helped me keep the rhythm, thrusting up into me as I rocked against him. His fingers dug into my skin, and the idea that I’d have marks tomorrow, something tangible to remember this incredible night by, made me shiver.

Glancing down at him, I saw that Ry’s face was tight, drawn, and I knew he had to be close. Picking up speed, my clit rubbing against him with every movement, I felt the pressure building inside me again. Just a little further…

Ry said later that my scream rivaled the seagulls. All I knew was that my body felt like it was exploding, like every nerve ending was being touched at once. As I fell on top of him, Ry muffled his own cry against my shoulder, holding my body too tight against him.

It was long, long moments before either of us were able to move again.  Eventually, I rolled to the side, my head still resting on Ry’s shoulder, watching his chest rise and fall as he slowly got his breath back.

“We should go back,” he said, after a while.

I didn’t want to move. Every inch of me ached, and his shoulder was so comfortable. “Do we have to?”

“No,” Ry said, smiling at me. “But I reckon if we get back soon, Mac and Sal will be just getting into round two. Seems to me, you might be the kind of girl who likes to watch.”

It wasn’t something I’d considered before. Much like sleeping with my boyfriend’s best friend. But now I came to think about it…

“Pass me my shorts, then.”



Friday Fiction: Summer Swing – Part 6

Published on 09/08/2013, by in Stories.


By Jenna Bright










“I know something that would feel even better,” I said, opening my eyes to meet Ry’s gaze.

His eyes widened with surprise, then flared with heat. “Yeah? What’s that?”

“Your mouth on them,” I said, twisting round in his arms. “And your fingers on my clit.”

Ry’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. From the way his shorts twitched, I guessed he liked a girl to take control sometimes. “I’m sure that can be arranged.”

On my knees between his legs, I grabbed the hem of my top from where it sat above my breasts and pulled it over my head. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it properly.

Ry’s mouth was wrapped around my nipple in moments, his hand squeezing the other breast. His tongue swirled over me, making my skin prickle and my pussy wetter than ever. God, this was a fantastic game.

But I needed more. I needed touch. I needed to come. And I needed Ry’s cock inside me.

Pushing him flat on his back on the towel, I tugged at his shorts, pushing them down his legs. He soon got the idea, tackling mine with the same sort of urgency. In the darkness, it was easy to forget that we were out in the open, the sea lapping at the shore not far behind us, and the seagulls cawing overhead. Anyone could be walking on the beach, could hear us, see us even. I didn’t care.

“God, I want you,” Ry moaned, as I stepped out of my shorts and knickers and straddled his body.

“I should think so,” I murmured, leaning in to kiss his chest. “You all went through enough planning to get me here.”

He chuckled, his hands wrapping around my waist to pull me flat against him. “Might be my only chance. No way I was missing out on this one.”

I kissed him, running my sopping pussy along the length of his cock as I did so, feeling the muscles of his chest tense under my hands at the sensation. “You want to be inside me, don’t you?”

“God yes.” At his response, I lifted myself up, ready to lower myself onto him. But suddenly, Ry’s hands tightened on my hips, holding me still. “Wait, first—“

“Condoms,” I finished for him. What the hell had I been thinking? So carried away with the sheer naughtiness of what I was doing, I’d forgotten all about safety.

Ry smirked. “That too,” he said, pulling a foil packet from the pocket of his shorts, where they lay on the sand beside him. “But something else first.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Yes?”

He nodded, pulling me up his body. “I want to taste you.”

A surge of heat flooded through me. God, I wanted that too. I knew how talented his tongue was on my breasts, how wonderful his mouth felt on mine. How good would it feel licking at my clit?

Still, I didn’t want to let him have all the fun…

“Fantastic idea,” I said, swinging one leg over him so I could turn around. “Me too.”


Friday Fiction: Summer Swing – Part 5

Published on 02/08/2013, by in Stories.


By Jenna Bright








Despite my decision to go along with their plans, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. Ryan, unexpectedly perceptive, saw that and took me in hand.

“Come on,” he said, grabbing a towel and tossing me my shorts. “I’m in the mood for a moonlight stroll.”

Shutting the door behind us, I heard Sally give a low giggle, but I couldn’t make out what Mac said in return.

We walked in silence to the beach, until I felt the texture of the ground change under my bare feet, the slippery grains of sand sliding between my toes. Ryan rested his hand on my hip, and I felt the warmth of him beside me.

“So, how does this work?” I asked, trying to ignore the pooling heat between my thighs at his closeness. But the memory of his hands on my breasts, and the thought of what we were doing that night, made it almost impossible. “I mean, you’ve done this before, right?”

Ryan shrugged. “A few times. At first, it wasn’t anything serious. Mac and I’ve always shared everything, and we didn’t see why girls should be any different. We had the same taste, after all.”

“And how did the girls feel about that?” I asked, a little stung by his casual tone.

Stopping walking, Ry wrapped his arms around my waist, and held me closer. “We were young and stupid the first time, and we didn’t care enough about anyone else. But after that, it was different. This is different.”

We were up in the sand dunes, tucked away where we couldn’t see the sea, even though the echo of the waves still washed up in our ears. Ry pulled the towel from his shoulder and laid it over the sand. Then, tugging me down to sit, he maneuvered us so I was between his legs, pressed up against his chest. And the prominent bulge in his shorts.

“We only ever do it if everyone wants it. That’s the rule. And tonight… this holiday is all about taking a break from reality. From normality. It’s about relaxing, and feeling good, before we have to go back to the real world. Right?”

I nodded, and his hands moved from my waist, down to my thighs.

“Then how about you relax and let me make you feel good?” he asked.

His fingers inched up my legs, under the hem of my shorts, and I tipped my head back in agreement. My eyes fluttered closed as he kissed me, his lips firm and sure against mine.

I could feel his hands at the buttons of my shorts, and as he kissed his way down my throat Ry murmured words against my skin. To be honest, it took me a while to focus in on what he was actually saying. My body felt too tight, like my skin was too small for all that was inside it. Shivers and heat competed for space along the surface of my skin, and the sounds of the beach faded away to nothing.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he asked, and I managed a nod, long moments after he’d finished speaking and I’d actually processed the words.

He chuckled against my skin. “I knew it would. I knew it, in the caves this morning. Knew you wanted more.” His hands came up to cup my breasts again, just as they had that morning. “Knew you wanted me to do more than just this.”

Without warning, his hands slid down and pulled my vest top up. I hadn’t bothered with a bra that evening, and the cooler evening air on my bare breasts made my nipples peak and harden.

“That’s better,” Ry said, bringing his hands back up to twist and pinch and play.

It felt wonderful, no denying that. But suddenly I’d had enough of being the naïve young convert, the pawn in their game. I wanted more.


Friday Fiction: Summer Swing – Part 4

Published on 27/07/2013, by in Stories.


By Jenna Bright







“Go Fish,” Sal suggested as I sat back down on the bench sofa that ran around the caravan’s dining table.

Ry rolled his eyes. “Why don’t we just play Snap and be done with it, if that’s the level you’re working at. Poker.”

Mac settled on the sofa across from me, and met my eyes as he said, “Compromise. Strip Go Fish.”

“Now, that’s a game I can get behind,” Ry said, sitting up and rubbing his hands together with enthusiasm.

“Seriously?” I asked, watching Mac.

“You game?” His eyes didn’t leave mine, and I could feel Ryan and Sally watching me too. Whatever they had planned, this was the first step.

“Count me in,” I said.

An hour later we were several beers each down, and I was reduced to just my teeshirt and knickers. Mac was in his boxers across from me, and beside him Sal was just in her bra and shorts. Ryan, sitting closer to me than I’d realized when we started playing, wore socks and boxers, and his bare thigh brushed against mine with every hand. It was driving me crazy. I should have been concentrating on my cards, but instead, all I could think about was swinging my leg across that hard, muscled thigh and pressing my pussy against it, until I found some release from the unbearable pressure Ry had started rising in my body, back in the caves that morning.

“Okay, last hand,” Mac said, dealing the cards.

“Hang on.” Sally held up her empty bottle of beer. “Need to refuel. Ginny?”

I blinked at her for a moment in confusion, then nodded when she tipped her head towards the kitchen.

The kitchen space was connected to the lounge by an archway, so the idea that the boys couldn’t hear us in there was pretty ridiculous, but Sally kept her voice down anyway as I searched the fridge for the coldest bottles.

“Are you okay with this?” she asked.

“I don’t even know what this is,” I said, handing her a beer. But in truth, I had an idea. And I was kind of alarmed by how much it turned me on.

But Sal didn’t seem to be listening. “It’s just… it’s something the boys have always done. Shared, I mean. We’ve done it a few times since me and Ry have been together… But if you don’t want to… Mac was adamant on that. It’s only if you agree.”

I looked up at her face, flushed by beer and sun and excitement. She was biting her lip, waiting for my answer. She wanted this, I knew. Wanted a night with Mac, I guessed. I should have been furious… but I kept remembering Ryan’s hands on my body when I’d thought he was Mac. And I had to admit, I wanted this too. I wanted to see where it would go.

I took a deep breath, then, knowing the boys could hear every word, said, “Okay with it? I’m turned on as all hell by it.”

There was a whoop of pleasure and excitement from the lounge, but whether it was Mac or Ryan, I couldn’t be sure.


Friday Fiction: Summer Swing – Part Three

Published on 28/06/2013, by in Stories.


By Jenna Bright






I jerked forward, away from Ryan’s grasp, and when I looked back he was watching me. Not smirking, like I half expected, and not laughing at me. He had that same assessing look Sally had displayed earlier.

Darting for the exit, I caught up to Mac – the real Mac, this time – and realized quickly that from where he’d been standing, he had to have been able to see everything.

“Mac, I…”

“Shhh,” he said, and gave me the same considering look the others had. “You okay?”

I blinked. Was I? A little freaked out, maybe, but still… if I was honest, I was more turned on than anything else. “Yeah.”

Mac nodded. “Good.” His attention darted away as Ryan came out of the cave. I couldn’t quite decipher the look that passed between them, but I couldn’t help thinking this was all part of some plan.

Hopefully at some point, someone would let me in on it.


We spent the rest of the afternoon messing about in the waves, collecting oddly shaped stones from the caves, and drinking the rest of the beer. By the time we headed back along the beach to the caravan, it was late and we were all tired. And I, at least, was still preoccupied with the events in the cave…

I couldn’t forget the feel of Ryan’s hands on my body. I should have known it wasn’t Mac; Ry’s hands were bigger, stronger. And the way he’d touched me… that was new too. As if he’d never get enough of me.

God help me, but I wanted to feel that again. And more.

We decided to forgo our usual trip to the club on site for food and drinks, and instead the boys headed out to pick up fish and chips – and more beer – while Sal and I took turns showering and changing.

By the time I had dried off and pulled on fresh shorts and vest top, tying my damp hair up to keep it out of my way, the food had arrived, and we all settled down to eat.

It was strange, sitting at the table as if nothing had changed since the night before. Except, I couldn’t help but notice that the others were exchanging more mysterious looks, as if they were having a silent conversation that I wasn’t part of.

I didn’t like it.

After dinner, I cornered Mac in our room. “What’s going on?”

All I got was that look again. Resisting the urge to stamp my foot in frustration, I said, “Just tell me. You’re all planning something, and I want to know what it is.”

Mac tipped his head to the side and smiled. “Just… go with it, yeah? See what you think. And if you want to stop, at any time, just say. We’ll pretend it never happened.”

Which told me precisely nothing. But Mac kissed me on the lips, lingering and wanting, then walked out of the bedroom back towards the living area, as if he’d answered all my questions.

Looked like I’d have to wait and see.


Friday Fiction: Summer Swing – Part 2

Published on 31/05/2013, by in Stories.


By Jenna Bright





Squinting into the sunlight, Sal raised a hand to shade her eyes as she looked over at the caves. “Want to go and tell them grub’s up?” She stretched back on the blanket. “I’m far too comfy here.”

Rolling my eyes, I pushed myself up off the sand, and brushed away the grains sticking to my calves. “Okay. But if you eat all the strawberries before I get back, there’ll be trouble.”

“Damn,” Sal said, grinning. “My cunning plan foiled.”

I laughed, and made my way towards the last cave I’d seen the boys disappear into.

Inside the caves the air was cooler, a soothing respite from the unexpected heat wave outside. When we’d booked the caravan holiday – all we could afford with what was left of our student loans – we’d expected rainy days and boredom, probably playing snakes and ladders and drinking too much beer at lunchtime. As it was, the glorious weather had found us outside more than in.

But the sun left an itch under my skin, like the heat was calling me for something I didn’t know yet. Like I was waiting… only I had no idea what for. It was unsettling.

“Guys?” I called out, into the dark recess of the cave. How far back did this thing go, anyway? “Food’s ready.”


I made my way further in, the sand colder and wetter under my feet with every step I took. “Are you even in here?” What if they’d slipped into one of the other caves while I was having that disturbing conversation with Sally?

There was a splash behind me, the sort you made by stepping into a small puddle, and I spun round to see where it had come from. But the inside of the caves were so dark, I couldn’t see anyone at all.

“Looking for me, baby?” The murmur in my ear made me jump, especially since it came from the opposite direction from the splash.

Hands landed on my waist to hold me steady, and stop me from turning around. Rather than slowing after the shock had passed, my heartbeat kicked up another notch. “Where’s Ry?” I asked, as the hands swept up from my waist, heading for my breasts.

“I think he’s gone out to find Sal.” Mac whispered the words against my throat, following them with a kiss, and my head fell back to grant him better access.

As he kissed his way up my neck, his hands reached my breasts, cupping them through my bikini. My nipples, hard and tight, pressed into his palms as my back arched to give them better contact.

“The food’s ready,” I said, then gasped as his fingers tightened around my nipples.

“We should probably get out there, then,” Mac replied, but neither of us moved.

I wanted to turn round, wanted to kiss him, wanted him to back me up against the darkness of the cave wall and fuck me, but Mac seemed strangely content to stay where we were, the light from the mouth of the cave just reaching us.

One big, male hand made its way down over my stomach, toying with the edge of my bikini bottoms. I bit my lip in anticipation; I wanted those thick fingers pressing inside me, curling and making me come. But before they could even work their way inside, a familiar voice came from just outside the cave.

“Are you two coming for lunch, or what?” Mac called.


Friday Fiction: Summer Swing – Part 1

Published on 24/05/2013, by in Stories.


By Jenna Bright



There’s something about the seaside, isn’t there? Something about spending the day sticky with sun cream and salt air, or paddling in the cool, cool waves. Clambering over rocks and crags to find tiny fish darting about in the rock pools, and crabs lying in wait to nip your toes. Licking ice cream from your fingers as it drips from the cone, as you meander back along the sand, ready for home.

But for me, what really matters is what comes next. As the air cools with the night, and I rinse off the sand and the sweat, tying my wet hair back from my face, my skin stinging with salt and sun, ready for… something more.

The summer after I left university, my boyfriend Mac and I decamped to the seaside for the week with our friends Sally and Ryan. We were all knackered after finals, all waiting for results and graduation and whatever happened next. But for one whole week, we were ready to check out of everyday life and just relax.

The weather was on our side – June that year was a scorcher. We spent the first few days mucking about on the beach, taking day trips to castles, and playing the tuppenny falls in the arcade on the caravan site where we were staying. Mac and Ry had some sort of challenge to drink a pint in every pub in the nearest town – and there were plenty – whereas Sal and I were keener on trying all the ice cream parlors. None of us had ever been to this particular stretch of the British coast before, so we were all happy enough to explore and investigate.

Then, on the fourth day of our stay, the boys decided they wanted to walk to the cliffs and caves at the far end of the beach.

“It’ll only take twenty minutes,” Mac said, pushing his sunglasses on the top of his head as he smiled at us.

Sal and I, knowing full well it would take closer to an hour, and that the only pub in the area was half a mile in the other direction, packed a picnic. And made the boys carry it.

An hour or so later, Sal lay our picnic blanket out on a promising patch of sand and fished the beer out of the cool bag. The boys were already poking around the cave entrances, so we girls began laying out the food, sampling the best bits as we went.

“It is gorgeous here,” I admitted, even though my legs were aching a little from the walk.

“It’s just as pretty down on the caravan end of the beach,” Sal said, sipping at her beer. “No, I reckon the boys have an ulterior motive for dragging us down here.”

I looked at her in confusion. “An ulterior motive?”

Sal gave me a wicked smile. “I reckon Ry just wants to feel me up in the caves. Well, me or you, anyway.”

Heat flooded to my cheeks, and I knew it was nothing to do with the sun. I’d seen the way Ryan looked at me sometimes – I wasn’t an idiot. But he’d been Mac’s friend his whole life. He wasn’t going to risk that by trying it on with me.

Sal had her eyebrows raised, as if assessing my reaction. Then she waved her glass around a little and said, “Kidding. Obviously.”

“Yeah. Obviously.” But somehow, I didn’t quite believe her.

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